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Whatever you can do, or dream you can; begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Kristina’s passion is helping people increase their emotional fitness. Her professional training as a psychotherapist and life coach have made her effective in guiding people to achieve business success and personal happiness. She brings a systems perspective to her work.

Some things about Kristina:

Most different job: working with Aboriginals in South Australia and finding that, although there were many cultural differences, the intra and interpersonal issues were universal.

Most challenging job: Starting a counseling/psychotherapy center with a colleague and developing it into a successful small business.

Most influenced by: Virginia Satir with whom I studied as she developed her thoughts which became the book: Peoplemaking; also by Dr. Murray Bowen, who developed relationship systems theory.

More recently influenced by: Thomas Leonard, considered the father of personal coaching. He believed that most people are only using a small part of what they are capable of and that coaches can help people evolve. He made innovative use of the internet and telephone to work with people around the world. Also by Dr. Martin Seligman, a leading spokesman for POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, and his work on optimism and authentic happiness.

Best decision: marrying my husband 39 years ago, having three fantastic children who have given us 5 fantastic grandchildren.

Best professional move: adding coaching and writing to my professional practice.

Best personal move: living and working in a waterfront community in Annapolis, Maryland and having a little boat with which to explore the Chesapeake Bay inlets.


  • MSW - Masters in Social Work
  • LCSW-C - Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, Maryland
  • BCD - Board Certified in Clinical Social Work
  • CoachU - a training program for coaches, graduate
  • lCF - Member of the International Coaching Federation


kristina@kristinavonr.com • 443 822-8023

Annapolis, Maryland

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